Wordless Wednesday: Breastfeeding

This week we asked: What does breastfeeding look like?

sharing nursing with little sister
From Lyn: “My children are 21 months apart. I was worried about how my son would react to his little sister having his milk. This photo is proof that he was more than happy to share.”

natalia-3 nursing and babywearing
From Natalia: “My son is 3,5 months now and we have been combining nursing with so many activities from the very beginning! Nursing in a baby carrier is practical and cute.”
Natalia blogs at Baby Guroo.

Melissa's breastfeeding photo
Six-month-old Annabelle, eating her way to dreamland.
Annabelle’s mom, Melissa, blogs at The New Mommy Files.

neena and mama in nature
Neena and mama in nature, from Jenn

Mama Mo with Gus and Jack at the breast
From Mama Mo: “After getting my premature twin boys, Gus and Jack, transitioned
from taking my pumped milk from a bottle to nursing at the breast, I
took this picture to commemorate the achievement.”
Mama Mo blogs at Attached at the Nip.

Karen and Ruby breastfeeding
From Karen: “Taken days after our little girl, Ruby, was born (bum first at home!). Ruby weighed all of 2.5kg (5.66lb)…but she had a fierce little suck and once she latched there was no looking back! My milk was in within about 24hrs. My boobs were about 3 times the size of her head for ages!!”

drive-by nursing
Nursing a toddler can be a different sort of adventure! Lauren with Mikko in a drive-by nursing at 2 years old.
Lauren blogs at Hobo Mama.

Halfway Crunchy nursing her daughter
From Sara: “I’m sad that this is really the only nursing photo that I have… I need to take more. I remember when I asked my husband to take the picture he was confused as to why I’d want a picture of me nursing my daughter. Well, duh — it’s because I want to cherish the moment!”
Sara blogs at Halfway Crunchy.

I think we all need the reminder to take more nursing photos! Don’t be shy about asking. 🙂

Tell us: What does breastfeeding look like for you?

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