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17 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Consistent and Loving Care

  1. Emily  

    These are wonderful photos! I’m partial to the grandpa pics. All of them are special, of course, but there’s something about grandads and their grandchildren that gets me every time.

  2. One Rich Mother  

    What a fantastic group of pictures! I kept thinking “oh, this is my favorite one, I will comment about this one.” But then I just kept seeing one great picture after another. So I suppose in the end they all get my vote for super cutest picture. : )

    Not a lot of people are willing to watch 7 children, including an autistic 4 year old and infant twins. My nephew and his wife though are really wonderful at watching them when I need it. They have also been known to show up at my house more than once with takeout or something for them to cook and give me orders to take a nap. Thank God for amazing nephews and their wives. : )

  3. The Globetrotter Parent

    These are great photos. I can relate to the South African one. We live in Madagascar and our malagasy nanny has a similar relationship with our son.

  4. Ana @ Pandamoly  

    Such a great group of photos! It’s such a blessing to have family involved in raising our children!

  5. Alicia C.  

    These make me really wish that our little one had someone, outside of our immediate family, to have a strong relationship with. At least I can see that it is possible from the loving looks on all the faces in these photos!

  6. Abbie  

    Love these photos! My son has awesome grandparents, aunts and uncles! My MIL watches him 2 days a week and respects all of our wishes, and since my husband works in their family business, he gets to visit at coffee and lunch. The other 3 days each week, Josh goes to daycare and I’ve struggled a lot with it. I’m not happy that he has to go to daycare and I’m overly sensitive, viewing every comment they make as criticism to me. He’s happy there and has made some friends, but I still can’t wait til my summer vacation and we may be looking for a new place next year.

  7. Momma Jorje

    So many awesome photos! So much love! Wonderful!

  8. alicia  

    What a great theme and great images to go along.

  9. Amy R.

    These are so sweet! I can really relate to what @Alicia C. said: these photos make me sad that we don’t have more family in close proximity for Daniel to become attached to.

  10. Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy  

    beautiful photos. Makes me sad thinking of the bond my boys had with my mom before she passed 🙁

  11. Jessica | Cloth Diapering Mama  

    This is such a beautiful topic that is important in AP families…we’re staying with family now and its so interesting to watch the bonding and strangeness developing…great pics!!

  12. Joella  

    I love all these photos! This week’s theme made me realize that I don’t have any photos of my daughter with my long-time friend who cares for her twice a week while I’m at class. I am so lucky to have a friend who respects my parenting ideals and has been willing to learn about things like expressed breast milk and cloth diapers. We’d be lost without her!

  13. Terri  

    Great photos – each one shows a very unique relationship. My little ones are very close to their great-grandparents and I could fill an album of wonderful photos of them together. It is such a blessing to have extra caregivers who offer a special kind of love.

  14. Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves  

    My two-year old loved looking at all these pictures. She just loves the “babies”

  15. Lauren  

    I love seeing our little ones attach so strongly to the people we love and trust!