Wordless Wednesday: Elimination Communication

This week we asked: What does elimination communication look like?

(If you want to know more about elimination communication / infant pottying, you can find links about EC on this resource page.)

Annabelle on the BBLP
Here 9-month-old Annabelle, who has been practicing EC since birth, reads a story while sitting on her Little Potty. Annabelle’s mama blogs about their EC journey, among other things, at The New Mommy Files.

on the potty bowl
From Erynne: “Jacob at 7 weeks, on our original ‘potty bowl’ — an actual bowl!”

concentrating on the little potty
From Erynne: “Able to sit up a little better on his own at 14 weeks old, Jacob is concentrating hard on what he’s doing.”

month 11 - potty
This picture will come out to embarrass Mikko (11 months here) when he brings a date home to meet Lauren, who blogs at Hobo Mama.

sitting on the BBLP at 6 m
Sitting on the potty all by myself at 6 months old.
Jennifer blogs at The Wilson-Parkes Family Tree.

Tell us: What does EC look like for your family?

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