Wordless Wednesday: Gentle Discipline

Written by NPN_Admin on December 8th, 2010

Gentle Discipline, Wordless Wednesday

This week we asked: Have you ever snapped a picture of your kiddo getting into “trouble”? Our theme at NPN this week is “Gentle Discipline,” so we asked for picture of moments where patience and gentle parenting is needed — as well as the presence of mind (and sense of humor!) to grab the camera.

who ate my berries?
Who ate all the berries? Could it possibly have been baby Kellis?
You can read more from Envija at EcoFreshBaby.

Karma in the toilet
Miss Karma (15 months old at the time) wanted to shower with Mommy. Mommy just wanted a quick shower by herself for a change. Karma decided if she could not splash and play in the shower she would find an alternative source of water to splash in. Needless to say she got her way and ended up in the shower with Mommy. She taught Mommy an important lesson that day. It’s just easier and less work to stick her in the shower to begin with.
Christy blogs at 3 Moms and a Kitchen.

playing in flour
Beth was unpacking groceries when her 2-year-old got a bag of flour out of the bag, sneaked into the playroom with it, and started throwing it all over the room. She walked in after he had thrown it all over the room, and decided since it was already all over the floor, that instead of getting mad, she would let them play in it for awhile.

playing in soil
Erica’s hubs had just transplanted some seedlings into bigger pots and apparently he left his box of extra potting soil lying in the window. Erica was emptying the dishwasher and was not pleased when her little one spilled the box of soil on the floor. Then she realized she could either 1. get upset and freak out or 2. just let her play. Either way she would still have to finish emptying the dishwasher and clean up the mess. So she let her play. She gained a new experience, and Mommy got to empty the dishwasher in peace. When she finished, her daughter was more than willing to help Mommy clean up. Now she “helps” Daddy with the plants — outside.

Marcella cleaning the closet
Julia’s daughter Marcella got into her closet and made quite a mess as you can see.
Julia blogs at A Little Bit of All of It.

Gus and Jack with toilet paper rolls
Mama Mo’s twins Gus and Jack had discovered the toilet paper rolls under the
sink. There was no point in getting upset at babies for doing what
they do… explore! So we played with the rolls. I made towers, they
knocked them over, we all laughed together!
Mama Mo blogs at Attached at the Nip.

eating kix
Holly’s little one decides to have some cereal — oops, the whole bag!
Holly blogs at Make everyday meaningful.

camera stealer
Melodie’s 3-year-old is constantly finding her digital camera and taking tons of photos when nobody is looking. If she catches her doing it, she throws the camera across the room as though she wasn’t doing anything, thereby denting/scratching it. We’ve been lucky it hasn’t been broken yet. If Melodie doesn’t check the memory card, she usually winds up downloading up to 40 photos she has taken of random things (the counter, a toy on the floor, a table leg, etc.). Quite often there are quite a few photos of herself, so Melodie keeps a few of the better ones. It’s a good thing she is so cute!

driver's seat
Melodie’s three-year-old daughter locked herself in the car with her keys, put on the seat belt and got into the driver’s seat and was playing with gear shifts. She also got out the sunscreen and was putting it all over her legs. You can see some of it in the photo. By the time she let Melodie in, there was sunscreen all over her body and all over the car. After Melodie took the photo, she tried to ignore her and not react so she would let her mom in, but it wasn’t until the sunscreen incident and she couldn’t take off her seat belt because her hands were so slippery that she unlocked the door.
Melodie blogs at Breastfeeding Moms Unite!

washing knickknacks
Beth caught her 2-year-old son standing in a sink full of water and knickknacks that he had removed from the windowpane and placed in the sink to “wash.” He had asked to help do the dishes and was standing on the chair washing things when Mom left the room for maybe 20 seconds….she returned to his mischevious grin and thought it was picture worthy!

2010-03-21 06
When 2 year old Kieran flung water all over the kitchen floor, Dionna chose to nurture instead of to punish.
Dionna blogs at Code Name: Mama.

markers and mess
Shannon found her daughter doing this right after she had finished writing about how she likes to get messy, but only sometimes. She wanted to finish her fingers before they put the pens away.
Shannon blogs at Pineapples & Artichokes.

preschool boy playing by driving trucks through flour
Good thing Mikko (3 years old) has a father who’s tolerant of cleaning up messes!
Lauren blogs at Hobo Mama.

Tell us: What are your funniest gentle discipline stories?


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