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13 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Healthy Eating

  1. PippaD @ A Mothers Ramblings  

    You have to love photos of us teaching our children healthy eating!

  2. Stacy Uncorked  

    Healthy eating is good! I wish I would have thought of the momsicle when Princess Nagger was an infant! 🙂

  3. Jenn Collins @ Monkey Butt Junction  

    Great photos! I especially love the one with the play food. We’re obsessed with play food at my house – I was when I was a child, and my son is now. Funny how things like that carry on.

  4. Nev  

    Oh no! I’m sorry for linking twice. First time round it told me it didn’t work. 🙁

    Loving the photos. 🙂


  5. Momma Jorje

    Oh my gosh, such great photos with the theme!

    Like Shannon, I try to keep healthy snacks in the fridge, where Sasha likes to look for snacks. I have to open the door, but then she picks what she’d like to eat. We keep shredded cheese, apples, cucumbers, etc.

    I am so impressed with the multigrain toast with hummus! I don’t care for hummus, but just love this photo! (I think I may need to give hummus another try, to be fair.)

    And Melissa! AMAZING! You are doing SUCH an amazing job with your girls & fresh foods!

    I dig the idea of breastmilk popsicles. I may have to give that a try this summer.

    I love ALL the photos, so cute!

  6. Melissa (MamaWhimsy)

    Lovely photos and some great ideas here. Thanks for including ours this week!

  7. Brittany@Mama's Felt Cafe  

    I think the momma popsicle and the creative use of chopsticks are my favorite photos. So many great ones on such an important topic!

  8. Jessica  

    Momma popsicle….great way to use frozen breastmilk!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great pics ladies 🙂 My Nathan was so proud he got to be on “the internet” with his snowman carrot…he was beaming when I showed this to him before preschool 🙂

  9. Sara  

    Such great ideas here! I’m going to make a drawer of healthy snacks for J tonight when we get home!

  10. Lauren  

    Mmm…hummus. We were all eating hummus yesterday. I think I might need to go raid the fridge!

    That chopstick picture is slaying me.

  11. Kat

    Great pictures!

    I love the snack drawer idea 🙂