Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Traditions

Written by NPN_Admin on December 14th, 2011

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This week we asked: What do your holiday traditions look like?

(Read more about the holidays in this week’s articles on the theme.)

Alicia’s oldest daughter lit the Channukah candles by herself last year.

Alicia blogs at Lactation Narration.

From Shannon at Pineapples & Artichokes: Every year Moira makes an ornament for the grandparents, (and one for Mommy and Daddy) with a little bit of adult help.

From Melissa: Homemade tree ornaments

Melissa blogs at White Noise and Mothers Of Change.

Charise says, “Baby ‘meets’ his very own Christmas tree and smells it with his nose. He keeps it with his other two plants, and he takes care of it by helping me water it, saying good morning and good night to it, petting it, and smelling it.”

Charise blogs at I Thought I Knew Mama.

Lani from Boobie Time shares, “Our large multidimensional family gets together after all the holidays are over and celebrates Festivus, a non-denominational holiday! That’s right, it’s the Seinfeld Holiday! It’s a blast, we all bring food and drinks. The children pick names each year as to who gets who a gift for the adults, and we all buy gifts for the kids. It’s a tradition that we started when my first nephew was about 6 months old, he’s now 14, this year he will be one of the ‘adults’ and buy a gift for someone else. This picture was from my son’s first Festivus. We will be celebrating his second Festivus on January 14 this year!”

From Jorje of Momma Jorje.com: “Especially since we got rid of our tree and most of our decorations, the stockings are the main tradition that is sticking with us.”

Joella says, “Each year, one of the branches trimmed from our holiday tree is repurposed as Delilah’s own ‘tree’ in her bedroom.”

Joella blogs at Fine And Fair.

From Lauren: Mikko picked out his own live tree for his first Christmas at six months.

It’s grown with him — here they are last year, at 3 and a half years old.

Mikko’s mama, Lauren, blogs at Hobo Mama.

Every year we put on holiday music and decorate the tree as a family shortly after Thanksgiving. We especially love our handmade ornaments from family and friends – we participate in an annual handmade ornament exchange.

Kieran’s mama, Dionna, blogs at Code Name: Mama.

From Rebekah: “This was our Solstice tree for last year. It was our first attempt at a tree since ditching our fake one years ago. We went searching for a tree limb, trimmed off the bottom and nailed it to a scrap wood platform. A few days ago we went searching for and found a lovely branch to use as this year’s tree. Each year we add another bird to our tree, a tradition we began as a newly wed couple in 2003.”

“These are a few of the several mounds located at Spiro Mounds, a former Native American settlement. The mounds mysteriously line up with the sunset on Winter Solstice. Because of this there are Solstice walks held at the mounds each year. Attending these walks has become a tradition for us the past few years.”

Rebekah blogs at Liberated Family.

Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Tell us: What do holiday traditions look like in your family?

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