Wordless Wednesday: Kids and Activism

Written by NPN_Admin on March 7th, 2012

Activism, Wordless Wednesday

This week we asked: What do kids and activism look like in your family?

(Read more about activism on our resource page, and enjoy this week’s articles on the theme.)

From Regina: “Tinkerbell stands up for what’s right in our house!”

Regina blogs at Regi Create.

Alicia with Munchkin at the Applebees nurse-in (2007).

Alicia blogs at Lactation Narration.

Shannon shares, “For us, activism starts with doing good for others. Here is Moira with one of the bags we made and filled with activities for kids with cancer.”

Shannon blogs at Pineapples & Artichokes.

Amy says, “My little lactivist, Daniel, proudly wearing his ‘got breastmilk?’
t-shirt. Though he has since weaned
, he still wears this shirt often.”

Daniel’s Momma, Amy, writes at Anktangle.

From Stefanie: This is what a feminist looks like! Learning to walk just in time for last year’s Take Back the Night march.

Stefanie blogs at Very, Very Fine.

From Luschka: Ameli at 5 months old at a Reclaiming Birth rally in London, England.

Luschka blogs at Diary of a First Child.

Tell us: What do kids and activism look like in your family?

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6 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Kids and Activism

  1. Lauren  

    I love seeing all these little activists! We’re raising the next generation up right. 🙂

  2. Terri  

    Amazing activism at such a young age. There is hope for the future!

  3. Amy @ Anktangle

    I think we’re all doing something right! It’s so fun to see what everyone is involved in trying to improve for when our children have children.

  4. Jade

    my chicks sport their “educate before you vaccinate” tees all of the time! for every negative comment/bad look we get, there is always 1 out 100 that approach me and ask me for more info.

  5. Charise Rohm Nulsen  

    So proud of all of these little ones!

  6. Katie  

    I just looked into the Nestle one and WOW. definitely won’t be buying more of their products.