Wordless Wednesday: Kids and Pets

This week we asked: What do kids and pets look like in your family?

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Miriam blogs at The Other Baby Blog.

From Valerie: Look, mom! I found the cat’s new hiding place!

Valerie blogs at Momma in Progress.

From Jennifer at True Confessions of a Real Mommy: L2 loves Papa’s puppy, Nimbus. They both think the other is just another kid to play with.

Bayley says, “Stretching improves flexibility! My daughter, Miriam, with my sister’s cat. She follows her everywhere and is constantly imitating her!”

Danielle says, “A Boy and His Dog. This picture was taken the morning after we adopted our (then 1 yr old) rescue dog, Roxie, a Boggle (Boxer/Beagle mix).  Her and our son, Garrett, (then only 2 1/2) hit it off immediately!  Even now, about 2 1/2 years later they are best friends and the addition of our now 20 month old into the mix has been perfect!  Adding another little one in March is sure to add to this happy bunch of friends.  Roxie adopts each new addition into her care as though they are one of her puppies.  Adding her to our family was one of the best decisions we have ever made as parents.”

Danielle blogs about saving money while raising a young family naturally at Mommy Makes Cents.

Lindsey shares, “Pets are a large part of our family life, and our daughter has been involved in their care from day one. We have 14 cats, 2 dogs, a lizard and several rats. This picture perfectly displays Poppy’s relationship with them.”

Lindsey blogs at An Unschooling Adventure.

Shannon says, “Moira loves to take our dog, Stewie, for walks. Even when he just wants to take a nap.”

Shannon blogs at Pineapples & Artichokes.

From Christy: “My daughter, Karma, (age 2) with our dog, Shady, (age 6).”

“My son, Teddy, (age 5, almost 6) with our dog, Shady, (age 6). We got Shady as a puppy while I was pregnant with Teddy and they have grown up together. He loves her and she loves him.”

Christy blogs Adventures in Mommyhood: Mommy Outnumbered.

Charise from I Thought I Knew Mama says, “I don’t think any animal has ever received as many kisses each day as our beloved Kaia. She is Baby’s very best friend.”

From Laotion Mama: Humnoy borrowing the schnoodle’s dog toy.

Laotian Mama blogs at Laotian Commotion.

Lani shares, “Pet’s have always been a part of mom and dad’s life and they wanted the same for me. ‘I love my pit-bull ‘puppy’ Nala, I get to feed her every night!’ says ~B~.”

Lani blogs about life with ~B~ at BoobieTime.

From Christine: Jesse & Sasha have great fun together, they are truly best friends.

Jesse’s mommy, Christine, blogs at African Babies Don’t Cry.


Tell us: What do kids and pets look like in your family?

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9 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Kids and Pets

  1. Jennifer W.  

    Aww! This is one of favorites! I love seeing children learn compassion with furry friends!

  2. Christy @ Adventures in Mommyhood  

    Awww this has to be one of the best WW topics ever! Love all the cutie pie kids with their pets! There is nothing cuter than kids and animals together.

  3. Amy  

    AW! How did I MISS that this week was pets week! We have so many beautiful pics of our lab, Raven, with the kiddos (and with my pregnant belly! Beautiful photos, all!

  4. LAni @ Boobie Time Blog

    I love seeing Babies and Pets! Great Pics!

  5. Terri  

    All totally cute. I’m allergic to all animal fur so no pets in our house…we might have to get a fish or a chicken for the yard!

  6. Amy @ Anktangle  

    Aww, I’m sorry I missed submitting for this week’s photos! Daniel lurves him some kitty cuddle time. It’s so fun to see all these other kiddos loving on their animal friends.

  7. Christine @ African Babies Don't Cry  

    This is such a great topic! Love all these photos 🙂

  8. Momma Jorje

    Aww, I so wanted to participate, but my kids haven’t held our spiders. I knew Charise’s Kaia would surely be included here! What a loved cat!