Wordless Wednesday: Kids & Pets

This week we asked our readers to show us pictures of their children interacting with favorite furry family members.

The theme was inspired by this week’s post on “Parenting Through the Loss of a Pet,” although readers were free to submit photos of pets who are alive and kicking or who have, sadly, passed on.

Sleeping baby, curious dog...precious moment
Sleeping baby, curious dog…precious moment

our son and our darling Sullivan
From Christina: “This is a picture of our son and our darling Sullivan. Sadly, Sully passed away last October, having run away for the day and being picked up by the dog catcher who ended up having him put down. It was a true tragedy as he was considered a member of the family in the truest sense. Our daughters, 7 and 8, had a harsh lesson in life and death and it affects them still and our little boy hasn’t slept in his bed since. I think a suitable caption for this photo is ‘our two boys.'”
You can read more at Christina’s blog, Parenting From Source, in “Sullivan — the great teacher.”

Noah burying Scarr
Noah burying Scarr
You can read more from Dawn at Everything Birth Blog.

Baby's First Best Friend
Baby’s first best friend
Joella blogs at Fine and Fair.

Mikko and Mrs. Pim
Mikko at 2 with Mrs. Pim, who (just barely) tolerated his enthusiasm. Lauren and her family lost Mrs. Pim this past November, when the cat succumbed to her kidney disease, and Mikko (now 3 and a half) still asks when she’s coming back home from the vet, promising to give her plenty of medicine to make her well.
Lauren blogs at Hobo Mama.

3 and 1/2 yo Ryder & our dog Mackey
3-and-a-half-year-old Ryder & Mackey
Theresa blogs at NurturingtheNaturalMama.

Little Man and his kitty, Ollie napping after nursing
Little Man and his kitty, Ollie, napping after nursing. Ollie still tries to get in The Artsymama’s lap whenever Little Man nurses. They also enjoy wrestling on the floor. Despite still having his claws, Ollie does not use them with Little Man.
Read more at The ArtsyMama.

Bliss is your dog and a pool on a hot summer’s day!
Bliss is your dog and a pool on a hot summer’s day!
Jennifer blogs at Hybrid Rasta Mama.

A girl's best friend ...
A girl’s best friend…
Kim blogs at life-is-learning.

Tell us: What pets are beloved in your family?

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