Wordless Wednesday: Lactivism

Written by NPN_Admin on October 17th, 2012

Edited by Momma Jorje

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This week we asked: What does lactivism look like?

(Read more about political and social activism on our resource page.)

Laura at This Mama’s Madness is Mom Enough…
To Nurse on a Table Top when that’s what her squirmy toddler needs.”
Image gracefully provided by Renee Beebe, IBCLC

Heather’s Sawyer – Age 22 Months
Nursing freedom will happen when we create a culture of babies for whom nursing is as natural as breathing.

From Mama Mo of Attached at the Nip: “This is me and one of my newly-two-year-old twins at a nurse-in last March. It was at a local water park, where the organizers gave interviews to news media and the mother who had been harassed received an apology.”

The Next Generation of Lactivists

ecosuburban blogs at Eco Journey in the Burbs.

From Lauren: “Little newborn lactivist Alrik! Babies know better than anyone how awesome breastfeeding is.”

“One way I seek to normalize breastfeeding is by nursing in public, even as my nurslings get older.
Mikko’s 2 years old in this picture at the Pacific Science Center.”

Mikko and Alrik’s mama, Lauren, blogs at Hobo Mama.

Lactivism is largely about bringing visibility to (and thus, normalizing) breastfeeding.
She openly nursed her son Daniel whenever and wherever, be it at a public park…

or at a birthday party!

Amy blogs at Anktangle.

Though her daughter weaned shortly after her 2nd birthday, Joella shows her support for
breastfeeding and intention to breastfeed her baby on the way with her lactivist T-shirt.

Joella blogs at Fine and Fair.

Breastfeeding 2 year old Audrey to sleep.

Angela blogs at Earth Mamas World.

Momma Jorje promotes breastfeeding by shamelessly posting breastfeeding photos (some from public venues) on her blog and facebook pages, even submitting them to be used for articles online!

Tell us: What does lactivism look like in your community?

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9 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Lactivism

  1. Sutra  

    Oh these are all gorgeous…particularly love the ones of the next generation Lactivists! 🙂

  2. Lauren  

    Yea! I just love seeing breastfeeding. 😀 Thank you all for sharing (here and everywhere).

  3. Momma Jorje  

    I love nursing pics and these are awesome! The grocery cart is too cute! Alrik is hilarious. I have an U/S pic of Spencer doing that. And Amy’s park photo is gorgeous!

    The table at the top… too funny!

  4. Krysta from aFairytaleComesAlive

    Wow, I love the kiddos who breastfeed their dolls…so cute! I’m a lactivist, too. When my baby wants a ”snack” he gets it, no matter when or where we are.

  5. Heather Kelly  

    My 3 year old daughter nurses her baby dolls. I have also noticed that since I had my 3rd child a few months ago, I nurse where ever, when ever, and I don’t care if the old man next to me is watching or not. I had to nurse my daughter at the doctor’s office yesterday, and I made sure to tell the older gentleman that I was nursing my daughter, he said that he didn’t care. I am finding that more and more people here in TN are not so freaked about out seeing a breast or seeing a baby nurse.

  6. Gauri @ LovingEarthMama.com

    ‘extended’ breastfeeding, ftw! 🙂

    Love the doll-breastfeeding photos; and the Alrik bf power photo is the funniest thing!!

  7. Fiona

    Love all of these!! 🙂

  8. Amy @ Anktangle  

    I love all of these! Seeing breastfeeding truly is normalizing, and each of us is part of that. Little Alrik is just too cute with his power fist!