Wordless Wednesday: Military Appreciation

This week we asked you to share military appreciation.

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Shannon shares, “My grandmother, Maggie, in the WAC in WWII. Her dedication to service and good humor were a big inspiration to me.”

Shannon blogs at Pineapples & Artichokes.

Melissa says, “A’s daddy is in the US Air Force, so he’s often away. We appreciate him all the time, and try to show him by spending time together, even if we can only do so via Skype.”

A’s mom, Melissa blogs at Vibrant Wanderings.

From Valerie at Momma In Progress: “This photo was taken about an hour after my husband returned from 7 months at sea, his first deployment since the girls were born.”

From The Other Baby Book: US Marine Russell Sheets is one of the bravest people in our country.  He also Co-sleeps with his daughter, Sadie Grace, practices EC and parents gently.

Kym says, “My husband (who is in the USAF) showing our son the Veteran’s Memorial in his hometown of Bristol, VA. A long history of military service on both sides of the family is something we want to share with our son.”

Kym blogs at Our Crazy Corner Of the World.

Tell us: What does military appreciation look like in your family?
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