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27 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Natural Birth

  1. luschka  

    Those are incredible and making me oh so broody!

  2. Barefoot Mahala  

    fantastic photos, thanks for posting them. Posting this as I nurse my 12 week old daughter. Great to see women getting a natural birth!

  3. Issa

    These are beautiful photos that inspire me for my own upcoming birth!

  4. PippaD @ A Mothers Ramblings  

    What a great series of photos, I would love a home birth in the future.

  5. EdT.  

    Happy WW! And sorry for the double linky – it looked like the first one didn’t “take”.


  6. Melissa K.  

    Beautiful, beautiful photos! I wish I had gotten more during my birth!

  7. Gabriel  

    Beautiful, powerful pictures!

  8. Sara@MommaFindings  

    These are AMAZING pictures!

  9. mizhelle  

    Gosh! this is truly amazing and priceless moments indeed! thanks for sharing! your new little angel is so cute!

  10. Carrie  

    Amazing images. Makes me itching for a 3rd 🙂

    And considering I had 2 very easy, no drugs needed during labor pregnancies…oh so tempting

    Happy WW

  11. Momma Jorje

    OMG these are beautiful (and yes, inspiring) photos! I am in awe.

    I’d kind of like to know how many of these might have been unattended or just had a doula vs. how many had a midwife.

  12. Alicia C.  

    This post is amazing! Love the photos and quotes. Makes me really, REALLY wish I hadn’t chickened out and planned for the hospital. My little guy was born just fine about 20 minutes after we got there. Could have done it all at home – peacefully.

    Thanks to all who shared!

  13. Michelle @ The Parent Vortex  

    Oh, what gorgeous birth photos. I feel very fortunate to have had two peaceful homebirths myself. I loved being in my own space and not having to get in the car while labouring!

  14. Amy  

    Those are some beautiful photographs! I had a waterbirth at home too, and it was probably the most amazing experience of my life. I’m so glad so many women are choosing gentle births for their babies.

  15. Kristi {at} Live and Love Out Loud  

    Beautiful photos of such life-changing, memorable moments. What a miracle birth is! 🙂

  16. Lauren  

    I second Issa — these are giving me inspiration and encouragement for my upcoming homebirth. (Hopefully we’ll actually stay home this time!) I just love how peaceful and gentle it looks for everyone, and that birth-high smile on Jenn is priceless.

  17. Rachel @ the minimalist mom  

    This makes me want to do it all over again. Wonderful, inspiring and beautiful.
    My son was born at home. Amazing day and my only regret is that we didn’t get more photos.

  18. Jessica Lang @ Cloth Diapering Mama  

    Amazing pics of amazing women…

    I had two hospital births…one with very little medical intervention…no meds, doc caught the baby just in time. and the other one was longer and more drawn out and caved for the epi… I am inspired, as are many women, by the trust and honor that you give to your body and your baby when delivering at home in a supportive environment.
    Great work mamas!!