Wordless Wednesday: Natural Learning

This week we asked: What does natural learning look like?

boy looking in flower pots
Rebekah’s little nature boy, F, inspects the seedlings with plucked flowers in hand at age 2.
Rebekah blogs at Liberated Family.

baby exploring play dough
Megan’s son, Anton, is learning through art at almost 15 months old.

kids digging in the dirt
Suzanne loves watching her daughter learning things
from her brother at the park!
Suzanne blogs at Sing little Birdy.

baby and sister reading
Amy, 13 years old, enjoys passing on her love of books to little sister Emily, almost 11 months.
Their mother, Melanie, blogs at Homestead & Bread.

baby art project
Erin’s son, Kiernan, gets involved in an art project at 9 months old.

girl exploring patterns
Layla, age 4, explores patterns.
Her mother, Melissa, blogs at Simple Whimsy.

2010-09-20 02
Kieran, age 2, makes sure to use all of his five senses to enjoy his “Five Senses Volcano.”
Kieran’s mama, Dionna, blogs at Code Name: Mama.

Kristin’s daughters examine a caterpillar on a walk at the park.
Kristin blogs at Intrepid Murmurings.

Tell us: What does natural learning look like in your family?

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13 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Natural Learning

  1. Russ

    We do it all. We especially like walks through the woods.

  2. DogsMom

    The learning never stops here. I was thinking “stripes” was going to be the common theme in your photos.

  3. Mama Whimsy

    So sweet! I love seeing older siblings connecting with little ones. Thanks for the inclusion in this week’s compliation. These are beautiful.

  4. Auntie E  

    Nicely done. They learn so fast.
    Happy WW

  5. SnoopyGirl

    What a lovely collection of photos. I absolutely love to see siblings playing and learning together. Mine are having a blast this morning making clothes for their paper dolls before homeschool starts for the day.

  6. Rebekah  

    Beautiful pictures! I love the natural desire to learn that is obviously going on in every one of them.

  7. Rebekah  

    Just an FYI….F was examining our spring seedlings after he had been out picking flowers 🙂

  8. Lauren  

    Thanks to our participants for sharing your beautiful pictures with us! This was a fun week to put together.

    I love the sibling connections, too! Can’t wait to see it firsthand.

  9. Faythe -GrammyMouseTails

    I love to see the interaction between siblings and esp when nature is involved.