Wordless Wednesday: New Sibling Bonding

This week we asked: What does new sibling bonding look like in your family?

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Munchkin (3 years) and Sweets (10 weeks) about to hold hands.

Alicia blogs at Lactation Narration .

5-year-old big brother Gabie wanted new baby Malachi to join him in his box.

Sara Jo Poff blogs at Healthy Families For God.

From Stephanie: “The boys always ask for me to take a picture of them with their new sister.
Here’s just one of many….”

From Jess: “Sibling bonding at its finest! 21-month-old daughter and 4-day-old son.”

Tyler, meeting her new baby sister, Sasha, the day after she was born.

Tyler & Sasha’s proud momma blogs at Momma Jorje.

Esther had been waiting for Abigail’s arrival for a long time. She was elated!

Sarah blogs at Parenting God’s Children.

From Amanda: “Heidi seeing Piper for the first time.”

“Heidi ‘holding’ Piper for the first time. (They are exactly 15 months apart, to the day.)”

Amanda blogs at Let’s Take the Metro.

Eva (4.5) holding her baby brother Andrew (5 days) while sister Julia (2.5) looks on.

Valerie blogs at Momma in Progress.

From Mandi: “Big Sis A at age 13 and Little Brother J at age 3 days”

From Rebekah: “Our oldest bonding with his little brother a few days after the birth.”

Rebekah blogs at Liberated Family.

The first time Defne met baby brother Derin.

Their mum Isil blogs at Smiling like Sunshine.

Kieran bonds with his new sibling before the baby is even born.

Dionna blogs at Code Name: Mama.

A look back at sibling bonding

Erica blogs at Child Organics.

Four-year-old Mikko gives newborn brother Alrik untold numbers of kisses each day…
no matter what Alrik thinks about that!

Lauren blogs at Hobo Mama.

Getting to Know Each Other —
Rain getting to know his new little brother, Silas, 8 hours after watching his birth.

Alison blogs at Bluebird Mama.

Tell us: What does New Sibling Bonding look like in your family?

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