Wordless Wednesday: Nighttime Parenting

This week we asked: What does nighttime parenting look like?

It was only a few hours before we needed to put up this week’s Wordless Wednesday post, and we still had only a couple nighttime pictures — we put out another call and ended up with this smashing smorgasbord! Enjoy seeing all the different (and adorable!) ways naturally minded parents arrange their family’s sleep.

snuggles with daddy
Baby Kellis (now 16 months old) cuddles with daddy Kellis last year when all he did was sleep and snuggle.
You can read more from Envija at EcoFreshBaby.

Amy at Anktangle's view at bedtime of baby Daniel at 2.5 months
Amy at Anktangle‘s view at bedtime of baby Daniel at 2.5 months, safe and snug in bed between his parents.

twins waking each other up
One morning, Mama Mo heard some squeals coming from the bedroom. When she
peeked in, this is what she saw! Her twin 9-month-old boys, Gus and Jack, had woken
each other up and were playing. To fit everyone in on one bed, the family went from a sidecarred crib to a king size mattress!
Mama Mo blogs at Attached at the Nip.

nursing and talking in bed
Stephanie and her wonderful son, Walker (4 months) — he had just finished nursing and they lay in bed talking for a half-hour before getting up for the day! As a single mom, Stephanie loves co-sleeping with her little man. They each start on their own side and end up sleeping nose to nose after an hour!

Bonzo in the new bed
Sara of Bonzo, Chooch and Me has a fun tutorial called “co-sleeping perfected” on how she and Bonzo (16 months old) transitioned from using a co-sleeper to having Chooch engineer a platform addition to their family bed.

waking up
Jenn’s little ones enjoy waking up together.
Jenn blogs at Connected Mom.

twins sleeping together
Callie (right) and Veronica (left) have nursed to sleep and co-slept since they were born nearly 23 months ago. This is one of the many positions they’ve been found in when parents Tracy and Thomas go in to join them.

daddy (neal) and son (ilan)
Daddy Neal and son Ilan (at 7 months, now 16 months old). He is a thumb sucker just like his daddy was.
Mom Heather blogs at naturally diff….

Aiden and Sophia
Laura’s twins Aiden and Sophia snuggling in sleep.

putting toddler to bed
This is transitioning Emma to her own bed at 18 months, by choosing one her parents can sleep with her in, and having Daddy take on bedtime duties.
Emma’s mom, Kristin, blogs at Intrepid Murmurings.

post-Thanksgiving dinner nap
Mommy and Julia taking a post-Thanksgiving dinner nap.
Sara blogs at This Mom Loves….

oscar and daddy
Jeremy and Oscar, 3.5 years old, cosleep along with Missy.
Missy blogs at a work in progress….

sharing space with Sasha
In the early months, Momma Jorje slept many nights on the couch with Sasha. A year later, their bed is still HER bed, too. These days Jorje counts herself lucky that Sasha shares HER bed!
Read more at Momma Jorje.

Kara sneaked out of the bed at nap time to capture this photo of her 4-year-old and 8-month-old sleeping!

Cincinnati 5-23-2010
Four in the bed! This is Melissa, Aelyn, Layla, and Lane.
Melissa blogs at Simple Whimsy.

cosleeping with mama at 11 weeks
Lauren and husband Sam have been cosleeping with Mikko (11 weeks here) since the very first night.
Lauren blogs at Hobo Mama.

siblings snuggling
Toni’s little ones, Presleigh (2) and Max (8 months), snuggle close.

Evan and Cohen
Ambra’s husband, Evan, and baby Cohen at 2 weeks old.
Ambra, blogs at Our wonderfully, joyfully, perfectly imperfect life and Naturally Mama.

in bed with baby
SunRa blogs at Mama Jedi.

waking up from a nap
Just waking up from a nap — mama took the time to read a really good book!
Megan blogs at Purple Dancing Dahlias.

Tell us: What does nighttime parenting look like in your family?

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17 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Nighttime Parenting

  1. Dionna  

    So, so sweet!! Honestly, what is sweeter than sharing sleep with a babe?!

  2. Lolli @ Better in Bulk  

    Those are such heart warming pictures! My youngest (now 5 1/2) still joins us in bed frequently.

  3. Momma Jorje

    Oh, I love the 4-in-bed Family Photo! That would make a great idea for Family Portraits, really.

    I can’t imagine *not* sleeping with my baby and just think of the money we save on cribs (those of us that co-sleep full time)!

    I love that so many dads are in on the WW, too.

  4. Uyen

    I absolutely LOVE these pictures. My favorite ones are the ones with all the dads….so sweet!

  5. sara

    waking up with your baby is the *best* way to start the day…

    so is looking at all these sweet, snuggly faces from all these cozy co-sleeping photos!

  6. Mama Whimsy

    Thanks for including our picture! These are so sweet- tear. I should clarify that our picture was from a hotel stay in a king-sized bed. We still co-sleep at home as well, but were much more squished in a full sized bed. We recently put a crib in a sidecar arrangement to give us more room (and Aleyn is wiggly! :o)), and Layla wanted her own bed (but not her own room) too. So we have a wall of beds- a crib (with the one side off so she can roll over to nurse), our full sized bed, and the toddler bed all butted against each other. :o)

  7. AndMilesToGo

    beautiful, and very memorable photos. precious.

  8. Kristin  

    Ah, love them all, especially the twin ones! So cute!

  9. Sara

    What sweet sleepy-dos.

  10. ambra

    This is such a beautiful post <3

  11. Jen  

    These are so adorable. I especially love the ones of kids snuggled in close to each other.

    I have a cute one of my baby and 3yo sleeping together that I wish I had gotten to you.

  12. Kat

    LOVE these! There’s something about snuggling, sleeping babies that sure hits my soft spot!

  13. Envija

    awwwww these photos are so lovely… nice to see happy babies and parents enjoying nap time together, not in separate rooms/beds.

  14. Lori Ann  

    I also love the cuddly twin pictures! We co-sleep with our one baby but I’d never thought about more than one!