Wordless Wednesday: Playgroup

Written by NPN_Admin on November 30th, 2011

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This week we asked: What does your playgroup look like?

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Shannon says, “Our playgroup has provided so many benefits. Not only have we made great friends, but Moira has always learned better from other kids than she did from me. Here, her friend Evelyn is showing her just how much fun it is to swing. After this play date at the park, swinging went from her least to most favorite park activity.”

Shannon blogs at Pineapples & Artichokes.

From Adrienne at Mommying My Way: “Two of my best friends and I had playdates every week in the summer with our kids. This first picture reminds me such a funny time. How many people does it take to get out a splinter?! We also spent many days at the pool this summer!”

Luschka says,”When we can’t get to playgroup, we bring playgroup home!”

Luschka blogs at Diary Of a First Child.

From Christine: “Where we live we are very isolated and I have noticed that Jesse craves peer interaction. Although I am aware that a child only needs interaction with his parents until at least the age of three, this child just loves other babies! I may have to set up a formal play group next year. “

Christine blogs African Babies Don’t Cry.

Lani M. at Boobie Time shares, “This was our first Playgroup! It started with a Meetup.com group for Moms due in the Spring of 2010. We all met soon after our first trimester and almost 2 years later we are still meeting, supporting and watching each other’s kiddos grow.”


Tell us: What does playgroup look like in your family?

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