Wordless Wednesday: Political and Social Activism

Written by NPN_Admin on May 4th, 2011

Activism, Wordless Wednesday

This week we asked: What does political and social activism look like for natural parents?

Read more about activism on our resource page, and enjoy this week’s articles on the theme.

Please keep in mind that our NPN readers are a diverse group with many passions and causes, not all of which align with everyone else’s. We welcome a multitude of viewpoints.

Protesting new anti-immigrant legislation in Georgia

Mary Michael blogs at The Accidental Natural Mama.

Star of Mommy's Blog
Charise at I Thought I Knew Mama is an activist by staying true to her green and natural parenting beliefs when blogging about “The Star of Mommy’s Blog.” She shares her thoughts and feelings about issues that are important to her like breastfeeding, love of nature and animals, being socially and environmentally responsible, and cloth diapering.

baby's first election
Mikko (here at 17 months) rode along for the caucus, primary, and general election, up close to democracy.

Lauren blogs at Hobo Mama.

Tell us: What does political and social activism look like in your family?

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8 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Political and Social Activism

  1. Momma Jorje

    Great photos! I often took my older daughter to the polls with me, but don’t have any snapshots of us there. I think a NIP shot would fit nicely, but I don’t have one of those, either.

    Ah well, thank you to those that did find shots to share. I love NPN WW!

  2. Jessica | Cloth Diapering Mama  

    Love those forward thinking babies! I don’t have any photos of political activism either…unless you count the Great Cloth Diaper Change as social activism 🙂

    Would love to have had a photo of my ballot when I voted to repeal prop B…and re-legalizing gay marriage. I certainly had both kids with me for that 😉

  3. Lindsay Dianne  

    Great photos. I love seeing kids taking part in activism!

  4. Stacy Uncorked  

    Love all the shots! 🙂

  5. MamaWhimsy

    Great pics! I wish I had been more creative with coming up with a photo for this week’s theme. Now I’m thinking of several that would have fit. I’m having difficulty with the Linky today, so here’s mine:

  6. Christy

    absolutely love the breastfeeding photo!