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15 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Preemies

  1. Lauren  

    These are all beautiful and touching. Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories of your little, little ones with us!

    • Momma Jorje

      I can only imagine they must all seem like micro-preemies to you!

      I agree, beautiful, touching photos. Such strong parents!

      • Lauren  

        No kidding. 😀

        But, yeah, the one that says “The first time I got to touch my baby” and it’s one finger — oh! My heart aches. But then, like you were saying below, Dionna & so many of these mamas, daddies, and other family members are clearly so happy about their little ones, no matter how stressful the beginning. I love the sweet smiles.

  2. Dionna  

    Oh these pictures make my heart swell – Kieran wasn’t technically premature at 37 weeks, but it was still heart-breaking to see the wires and tubes and lights and everything that went along with them. My heart goes out to every parent who has loved a preemie.

  3. Melissa

    I can’t help but shed a few tears from the memories this brings back. Layla had jaundice (noticeable in the pic above), some mucus/ breathing issues, and it took about 6 weeks to get breastfeeding fully established, but we were thankful that she was healthy enough to come home with us with follow-up appts. These are such beautiful pictures. Kudos to all the families caring for the littlest of babies.

  4. Amy @ Anktangle

    These are beautiful, adorable, and heartbreaking all at once. Thanks to all of you for sharing photos of such tender moments!

  5. Rebekah  

    Tiny, adorable and precious!

  6. Nev  

    How precious. Hope they’re all well and thriving. 😀


  7. Alicia  

    I linked up my Wordless Wednesday post, and the picture I highlighted for this page is one of my own preemies, now almost 7 years old! 32.5 weeks and they can grow up to be perfect kids! (Well, sort of)

    It tears me up to look at all the babies and remember how little my big kids were back then!

  8. Luschka

    These are so touching! I totally welled up!

  9. katepickle  

    Oh I love these photos.. wish I’d read this last week I would have add our pics!
    My twins were born 11 weeks early due to TTTS and while some of the photos of them as newborns are quite confronting for some people, they mean so much to us! For the record my tiny 900 gram babies are now almost 8 years old!