Wordless Wednesday: Pregnancy

Written by NPN_Admin on July 20th, 2011

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This week we asked: What does pregnancy look like?

(Read more about pregnancy on our resource page, and enjoy this week’s articles on the theme.)

Rachel snuggles up to feel little sister move

Rachel’s mom Sara blogs at This Mom Loves…

On Alicia’s “due date”: Munchkin (almost 3) is waiting for you Sweets! Sweets was born 10 days later.

Alicia blogs at Lactation Narration.

From Dena: “a very big baby in my belly”

Dena blogs at Earthy Mama Yoga.

From Kimberly: “I didn’t know I was pregnant til after my husband deployed. He came home six months later and met my “tummy” for the first time. We were finally a family!”

Kimberly blogs at Our Crazy Corner of the World.

From Lani Michelle: “2 weeks to go… Oh how I miss feeling those little kicks”

Lani Michelle blogs at Boobie Time.

38 weeks

Alison blogs at BluebirdMama.

From Sarah: “Esther ‘sitting’ on my belly the night before our Abigail was born!”

Sarah blogs at Parenting God’s Children.

Amanda’s belly around 35 weeks with her first daughter.

Amanda’s belly around 37 weeks with her second daughter.

Amanda blogs at Let’s Take the Metro.

From Kristin: “Here is big sister Emma giving hugs to my giant baby belly, at 38w2d, the day before my twins were born. There was 14lbs of baby in there! Ooooof!”

Kristin blogs at Intrepid Murmurings.

The day before Sasha was born.

Sasha’s mom, Jorje, blogs at Momma Jorje.

From Emily: “Yes, that’s my belly at about 7 months…and yes, there was just the one kid in there.”

Emily blots at Embrita.

From Adrienne: “8 Months pregnant: I had no idea he’d come early and I’d never get to take my 9 month pics.”

Adrienne blogs at Mommying My Way.

From Genevieve: “A faint glimpse of my third son Daniel. Thirty-two weeks – May 2008”

Jennifer is looking forward to doing another session for their new baby due in December!

Jennifer blogs at True Confessions of a Real Mommy.

Pregnancy as a journey…Silas at 15 weeks in utero (about the size of an apple) and at 15 weeks in the world (much larger than an apple).

Courtney blogs at A Life Sustained.

Jennifer at 5 months with her “ultrasound tech” Damian Dawg.

Two weeks before Tiny arrived. This photograph shows how committed Jennifer’s “ultrasound tech” was to keeping track of her progress.

Jennifer blogs at Hybrid Rasta Mama.

From Joella: “My Belly Cast serves as a reminder of my pregnancy. I loved being pregnant with my daughter, and am grateful to have this keepsake of such a special time in my life.”

Joella blogs at Fine and Fair.

From Charise: “We began fostering Baby’s love of nature when he was still in the womb!”

Charise blogs at I Thought I Knew Mama.

Tell us: What does pregnancy look like in your family?

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