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3 Responses to Working Outside of the Home

  1. Laura  

    I understand your internal conflict and it’s definitely a tough decision for your family. I follow attachment parenting/natural parenting principles, as well. However, my husband and I didn’t have the luxury of being able to stay home with our daughter. I returned to work when she was just 11 weeks old. We co-sleep (bed share) and are still nursing at 22½ months. I no longer babywear with her because she has grown so independent that she prefers to walk by herself wherever we go. I used cloth diapers, but now we’ve graduated to big girl panties. Sometimes she doesn’t want for me to leave her at day care, so I have to be flexible and patient with that. I suggest that if you decide to take this opportunity to return to work that you discuss with your employer a flexible work schedule that would allow you a little leniency in arrival times. AP/natural parenting styles can coexist with a career. Good luck, Mama. I have no doubt that you will make the right decision for you and your family.

  2. Tiffany

    This recently happened to me. I really didn’t want to go back to work, but it became necessary and although I dreaded it, it became a really positive thing. The first 2 weeks we’re rough, but now we both like it. My daughter really loves school and going with grandma and I really enjoy time apart. My job isn’t fabulous but I enjoy it thus far. It has been a blessing in disguise

  3. Andrea  

    Hi Cynthia. I feel like I’m reading a post from myself several months ago. I have two wonderful children – 3 and 1 – and I work parttime. I actually very much enjoy the balance, but I think this is only because I’m so comfortable with my childcare situation. Both of my kids are in the same excellent daycare and actually enjoy attending each day. I like that they are in a stimulating environment each morning. Also, when I come home, I get all of my veggies chopped and little distractions dealt with so that I can fully focus on my kids when I am with them. For me, it is ideal. I am still very connected to my kids, but this is a personal decision. Are there days when I wish I could just stay home with them? Certainly. But overall we’re all in a situation where we’re growing and thriving – and that makes us all happy.

    I should mention that I also went back fulltime when my first was 18 months and it was very hard. I became almost immediately pregnant with my second, so I stuck it out at work, but the situation was less than ideal. I had a different childcare situation then and my daughter just wasn’t as happy as she should have been. I didn’t realize it early on and I wish I’d trusted my instincts. In the end, I ended up pulling her from that daycare and asking family to help out until I went on maternity leave. It was extremely stressful on us all – and probably not worth it. Still, my daughter and I have a strong attachment that wasn’t damaged by the challenges of the situation.

    Letting go is pretty much the hardest part of parenting. But in the right situation it can be good – when both mom and baby are ready. Thought I’d share my answer. I hope you find yours.