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9 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Autumn

  1. Momma Jorje

    I love the colors of Autumn, which seems funny because otherwise I don’t like orange. All of these photos seem so full of color, though! Gorgeous!

  2. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama  

    Autumn is such a fun time. Love these pics!

  3. Gaby@Tmuffin  

    Awesome. This is one of my favorite times of year. The colors are amazing, and the kids are so enthralled!

  4. Christy Reed  

    I LOVE FALL!!! I am so going to steal this topic to use my own WW post next week hehe. All of the pictures are beautiful!

  5. Amy @ Anktangle

    I agree with Jorje, the colors are great! These photos are incredibly adorable, as always. I love Autumn!

  6. Molly

    I love the WW posts!

  7. Jaime Maynard  

    Here is a Flickr photo of my daughter Evangeline playing in the leaves.

  8. Jaime Maynard  

    Love this post. Such cuties with the stunning fall colours.