Wordless Wednesday: Hugs

Written by NPN_Admin on April 10th, 2013

Edited by Momma Jorje

Nurturing Touch, Wordless Wednesday

This week we asked you to share your hugs with us!

(Read more about using nurturing touch on our resource page.)

From Shannon of Pineapples & Artichokes: “Our friend’s daughter loves baby Davis, and wants to hug him constantly. Unfortunately her hugs can be a little too intense for him, but they are learning to find a happy middle ground.”

From Jennifer of True Confessions of a Real Mommy: “As King of the Monsters, L1 is a caring and loving ruler. Hugs for all!”

Hug attack!

They’re so huggable — how can we resist?

Lauren blogs at Hobo Mama and is also the frequent recipient of attack hugs!

Silas loves hugging Petra, and she’s now big enough to hug back.

Mama blogs about them at Cinnamon&Sassafras.

Daddy getting hugs from his boys before he heads to work!

Kym blogs at Our Crazy Corner of the World.

Everyone thought Tyler was hugging herself, she was really trying to say “cold!”

Tyler hugging 2 favorites!

Tyler’s mom blogs at Momma Jorje.

Tell us: What do hugs look like in your family?

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