Wordless Wednesday: Respect

Written by NPN_Admin on May 21st, 2014

Edited by Momma Jorje

Gentle Discipline, Wordless Wednesday

This week we asked: What does respect look like?

(Read more about gentle/positive discipline on our resource page.)

Find more from Kristina at KristinaLarson.

With patience, Ana has taught her son to be respectful of their dog at all times, which benefits Niko and Ginger alike.

Ana blogs at Panda.

Dionna at Code Name: Mama and her kids love their chiropractor, Dr. Amanda Dunn of Dunn Chiropractic. Dr. Amanda has always taken great care to make Dionna’s children feel comfortable and relaxed. She respects their need for bodily autonomy, takes time to establish rapport and answer their questions, and makes every visit a pleasant experience.

Spencer’s Speech Therapist works very closely with him, and is also helping him to learn respect.

Jorje blogs at Momma Jorje.

Tell us: What does respect look like in your family?

You can find our upcoming topics on our Wordless Wednesday page. Feel free to send in your own pictures on the themes listed and join the photo fun!

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