Wordless Wednesday: Sick Day

Written by NPN_Admin on April 24th, 2013

Edited by Momma Jorje

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This week we asked: What do sick days look like?

(Read more about holistic health on our resource page.)

sick day 01
From Kym of Our Crazy Corner of the World:
“We had lots of sick days after moving from sunny Texas to cold South Dakota!”

sick day 02
Just when the kids were starting to recover from Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease,
Moira came down with this case of strange, green spots! Oh no!

Shannon blogs at Pineapples & Artichokes.

sick day 03a
Snuggling is the best way to feel better on a sick day, whether it’s with a dad…

sick day 03b
… or with a kitty.

Lauren blogs at Hobo Mama.

sick day 04
From Jennifer of True Confessions of a Real Mommy: “Some miserable allergies lead to an early nap.
(She looks sweet, but she peed on me as I took this picture.)”

sick day 05b
Poor Joseph catches germs from his preschool-age sister Abbey…

sick day 05a
but “milkes” and mommy are always there to help with the get-better routine!

Joseph and Abbey’s mom, Amy, blogs at Me, Mothering, and Making it All Work.

sick day 06a
There is something pitifully adorable about sick babies.

sick day 06b
Jorje was
amazed by how well skin-to-skin works for managing fever.

Jorje blogs at Momma Jorje.

Tell us: What do sick days look like in your family?

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