Wordless Wednesday: Toddlers in Trouble

Written by NPN_Admin on September 14th, 2011

Edited by Momma Jorje

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This week we asked: What do your toddlers in trouble look like?

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From Laura: “Yep. I actually took a picture of my son biting his little sister. It happens in a blink of an eye, people!”

Laura blogs at Our Messy Messy Life.

From Shannon: “My daughter has never much been one for testing boundaries, until very recently. Here, she’s used her red chalk as makeup, in the five minutes I was talking to the babysitter on the way out the door.”

Shannon blogs at Pineapples & Artichokes.

From Stacy: “It snowed in our house! my 2yr old was helping me water plants outside, then she ran inside our house. When I went to check on her 5 min later I saw white footprints and powder all over the floor. I thought she some how got into the laundry detergent. Then she walked into the room holding a box of powdered sugar.”

Stacy blogs at Little graham cracker.

“Well, Mom, I saw the petroleum jelly sitting there and I thought, what would Curious George do?”

Leah blogs at Zen and the Art of Cloth Diaper Maintenance.

From Abbie: “Joshua, 18 months, loves to climb everything, especially chairs and stairs. Joshua’s daddy is a stairbuilder by trade, so we think it’s in his genes.”

Joshua’s mom Abbie blogs at Farmer’s Daughter.

From Charise: “Although Baby has never been in real trouble, he goes through phases where he absolutely hates bathing. This is ‘troubling’ to us because we hate to see Baby feeling so sad. Here we are celebrating a happy bath experience, which after our bath troubles, feels like a very special treat!”

Charise blogs at I Thought I Knew Mama.

From Elizabeth: “He broke into the child-locked cabinet and had a field day!”

Julia (2) caught in the act.

Valerie blogs at Momma in progress.

Well… she thought she was in trouble.

Jorje blogs at Momma Jorje.com.

Tell us: What do toddlers in trouble look like in your family?

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12 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Toddlers in Trouble

  1. Momma Jorje

    There is something terribly cute about the look of guilt… or better yet the look of being caught red handed… on a little one. 🙂

  2. Darcel @ The Mahogany Way  

    Oh my! These are so funny. Samuel(15months) has been writing on the kitchen floor with washable marker lately, wish I could’ve caught him in the act.

  3. Dionna  

    Ha Jorje – so true 😉 These are great, and it’s obvious from the pictures that the parents were good-natured about any messes made!

    • Momma Jorje

      I definitely think I’ve mellowed compared to when Tyler was this age. I wish I had a photo of her with baby powder, though. I noticed her hair looked lighter one day, she’d been making it “snow” in her room! She even had little snow mountains on shelves!

      I couldn’t be too mad even then, it was simply too funny!

  4. Terri  

    These are so funny – although it’s easier to laugh at seeing the photos and not being the one that has to clean up the mess afterwards! What they all seem to have in common is just how QUICKLY toddlers can find themselves in trouble. The petroleum jelly one made me especially laugh as my brother did this when he was younger – he smeared a giant size tub of it into his hair and it took about 10 washes to get his hair back to normal!

    I linked up my post of my toddler drumming – not trouble, just loud!

    • Leah

      Yes, Terri, it took forEVER to wash out! We were actually leaving on an 8 hour road trip an hour after this! I don’t think I got it all out the first time, haha!

      These are great pics. I love how the first thing all these parents thought to do when their toddler got in “trouble” was to take a picture.

  5. teresa  

    These are hilarious!! What a great idea for a theme! I want more.

  6. Gaby@Tmuffin  

    I love these! I am cracking up. The expressions on the faces are even funnier than what the toddlers did to get in “trouble.”

  7. GrammyMouseTails

    somehow they always seem to look cute , even when they are naughty… must be natures way to keep us from eating our young! heheehee.

  8. Valerie (Momma in Progress)  

    Nice to see I’m not the only one whose first reaction is to get the camera. I will love showing my kiddos these types of photos one day.