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7 Responses to Yoga, Baby! (A Pictorial Tutorial)

  1. Dena

    I love it! Since having my son, who is one, I have focused mainly on finding time for me to practice yoga. While I don’t want to give that up, I think I will try this too. Thanks, this is very exciting!

  2. Amanda

    My personal favorite is the face. Fantastic.

  3. Jenn  

    I love this so much! I think children can become naturals at yoga. I never understood where “child’s pose” got its name until my son executed it perfectly when he got mad when he didn’t want to hold my hand at Target. My husband was upset that he was lying on the floor of the store, and I was excited: “That’s child’s pose! Child’s pose!”

    I’ve been doing my yoga before my son wakes up – maybe that’s a mistake. I’ll try including him tomorrow morning. I bet he’ll like it.

  4. Emily  

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying yoga with your babies! Yoga Today put up this great ten minute kid- oriented session: http://youtu.be/EmeTZGr_R5Q

    my son LOVES the hand shaking part.

    happy yogaing!

  5. kelly @kellynaturally  

    This is wonderful! We have a set of picture yoga cards at home that we all sit around & practice from. It may not always be a serene experience, but it’s a learning and connecting one!

  6. Emily  

    I have a set of those cards on my wishlist – and there are little figurines in yoga poses that I’ve got my eye on as well. I feel that when he’s a little older it can be a way for him to “lead” our yoga session.

  7. Amy  

    Love this, Emily! Thank you 🙂