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6 Responses to Yoga for Labor and Birth

  1. Melissa K.  

    Great post! Thank you! I loved doing yoga during my pregnancy, and I really feel that it helped prepare me for birth. I had a lot of “back labor” early on, and pelvic tilts helped me through the most challenging of it. I really didn’t think to translate much more of my yoga practice to my birthing, however. I love having the photos to help me visualize some of the poses that may help me next time 🙂

    • Acacia @ Fingerpaint & Superheroes

      I had a lot of back labor in my first birth, too, and while I got some relief with back stretches I really wish I had known more about how yoga can help labor and birth. With my second birth, after having taught all of this, birth was amazing. I hope they do the same for you!

      Also, you might check into some local yoga studios that offer prenatal yoga. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a prenatal instructor that focuses on using yoga during labor and birth or offers a workshop on it.

  2. Alicia C.  

    So interesting… I know nothing of yoga. But, when I was laboring with my little guy, I used all of these poses instinctually. They worked! Little Guy was born drug-free and I can’t complain about the pain – it hurt, but not as badly as when I had son #1 without allowing myself to move freely!

    • Acacia @ Fingerpaint & Superheroes

      That’s awesome! Isn’t it incredible how well our bodies just *know* what to do if we are willing to surrender and listen? And the connection that instinctive birthing has to this ancient practice of yoga really says a lot about how powerful and healing both can be.

  3. Amy

    I tried Yoga for the first time while 4 months pregnant, watching a dvd. It was so calming and really helped loosen me up. Sadly I gave it up when I injured myself, I could really feel a difference when I stopped! If I could do it over, I’d have gone to an actual class, it would have been worth it.

  4. Sarah

    This is interesting. I will definitely keep this in mind for later in life when I decide to become pregnant.